Kids Club

Loads to do every day...

We need to keep the kids busy, keep them active, stretch their mind & bodies and above all make them laugh. Kids Club is run by trained and qualified staff, who’s sole objective is to give out good times and make holidays to remember. But don’t be too late as we have a daily limit to the numbers.

You'll love
  • Football

  • Raft building

  • Pool golf

  • Arts and crafts

  • Rock show

  • Treasure hunt

Whenever the Kid’s Club was on, Mum and Dad could drop us off and leave us with the team all on our own! They told us that they went and had lots of fun whilst we were at Kid's Club but it couldn't have been as much fun as we had!

How it works

Parents come and meet us at the Manor conservatory. Sign in and hand over your little ones to our trained & qualified staff. Sessions start at 9.30 but you can sign in at any time during the session. Check for details of activities and updated sessions on site and on the notice boards outside the conservatory.