Holidays in Cornwall

Best weather ever!

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Taking a holiday in Cornwall has never been more popular. We’ll give you a great value holiday on the Cornish Riviera.  2016 was the hottest summer on record, it went on and on! We had great weather early, April and May.. and it just kept going. Cornwall wouldn’t be Cornwall without some dramatic, epic waves  and a pint by the fire with your boots off. But those winter walks are fantastic. In Cornwall we’re out all year. On the cliffs, in the sea what ever the weather. But we’re set for 2017 and if it’s anything like last year, we’ll spend most of it in shorts and flip flops!



Easter is probably the best time to visit Cornwall. The whole county wakes to spring up and down the coast. The flowers, cliff tops, walks and being out and about are great. But just incase of cloudy days we've got great indoor activities right here.

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May Half Term

Now things are really cooking. From Padstow to Helston the celebrations of the new May and the amazing abundance of flowers, traditional good weather are rightly stirring the blood whilst getting us dancing at festivals galore and a summery feel is in the air. The beaches are quieter and the crowds are smaller. Cornwall at it's best.

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The Summer Holidays

Fully loaded. Theres so much to do. As Cornwall has made it bigger and bigger every year so have we! More offerings, more entertainment, more facilities. Have the very best of Summer holidays or look for those great deals just outside the peak of summer...

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Autumn & October Half Term

Amazing, cozy, quite often still very warm these days. The sea hasn't got too cold and there is hardly anyone on the beach. We're still surfing and playing in the dunes and there are deals to be had to holiday on a budget. A very special time of year and we arrange plenty of seasonal activity to make sure you enjoy it.

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Christmas & New Year

This is Cornwall at it's most diverse. One day it's warm in the sun and the beaches look incredible in the low light. The next it's wild and waves are smashing over 100 foot cliffs. But there is always a warm spot by the fire in the Manor and a glass or two. Christmas and new year are so special. With festivals, parades and lights in the harbours across Cornwall.

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Holidays with Pets

Bring your pooch or pet. We're talking cats, dogs and anything else within reason. Plenty of walks around the grounds and some amazing pet friendly beaches and cliff walks in all directions. Don't know who will be the happiest?

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